Month: October 2018


Stephanie Strachan our Team leader owns two ponies Raven and Coco. Coco is coming up for 10 years of age and has now become our therapy pony and her first visit was enjoyed by all the clients. She is a gentle miniature pony who loves attention and our clients obliged her very much by learning how to brush her and stroking her and offering her treats. Coco actually lifts her leg like a wee dog giving a paw which is so cute and very clever!! The clients were so animated when Coco walked in and they thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon!! Some of our clients used to own horses or tended horses and this brought back very real happy memories for them. Some relatives also brought their young children along to see Coco and it turned out to be a real intergenerational day that was loved by all especially Coco!! We have planned her next visit for December 2018 whereby I have been assured that there will be tinsel and maybe a red nose to be added!!


Blair Drummond Visit

These are pictures from our annual visit to Blair Drummond Country Park. The clients in the home ask every year to go to the park as it is a very good mix of peace fullness and activity. The clients loved the interaction with the small animals and also the sea lion show! We were lucky during the safari part of the trip as most of the animals were out and they were happy to be on display for us!!


Better Gen

For several weeks now, clients at Harestane have been enjoying keep fit in a unique way. They have been attending Better: Together by Better: Gen. This is a regular social event which focuses on bringing the younger and older generations together for a fun-filled day of health, wellness and intergenerational activity. The clients love it and have benefitted so much from the classes. They attend two sessions a week. Once a week the Harestane mini bus takes a trip up to The Circle at Staffa Place where the clients play a variety of games such as armchair volleyball and armchair boxing!!! On a Thursday the Better: Gen fitness instructor visits the home for more games and activities with a different client group. The clients have picked their own music playlist and they love it !!!

A guid yarn

St Columba’s was chosen to be part of the Dundee Rep programme for residents in care home called “A guid yarn”. This involved a group of older adults from Dundee Rep called “The beautiful people” coming in each week to spend time with the residents. During these visits they worked together reminiscing and participating in small drama sessions, which the residents really enjoyed. The residents felt they had made new friends and at the end of the programme were invited to a complimentary show at the Rep, an Agatha Christie production which they enjoyed. Does anyone know about the maintenance Cialis dose for daily use? I have started with 2.5 mg and still hesitating whether I should increase it or not.

Residents, staff and families all enjoyed a Hawaiian themed party in the garden at St Columba’s to enjoy the great summer weather. Entertainment was provided by Bob the Music man who got everyone up singing and dancing. Everyone took part and dressed up in grass skirts and garlands and enjoyed a couple of cocktails along the way. A fun day was had by all.


Shetland Pony Visit

Residents, families and staff enjoyed a full day visit from the Shetland ponies from Therapy Ponies Scotland.

Ponies Edwardo and Wilson spent the day with the residents, who loved every minute. The ponies are specifically trained to visit the care home environment and offer therapeutic time for the residents, which was evident from their faces at the time and testimonies afterwards. Persons with low blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases should take Tadalafil with caution and only after the consultation with the doctor. The thing is that the drug can reduce pressure. This is usually the result of an interaction of Tadalafil with the medications containing nitrates or nitrogen oxide. Therefore, you should never combine Tadalafil with medications or other products containing nitrates or nitric oxide.

The ponies were even able to visit our palliative care residents in their rooms which offered great comfort at the time.



Going for Gold

A team of residents and staff represented St Columba’s at the Going for Gold Olympics, the Care Inspectorate care about physical activity initiative, organised by Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership.

This was a themed event where residents from care homes across Dundee competed in various physical activities such as bowling. Our team chose an armed forces theme therefore dressed up in full army dress to compete. Throughout the day our residents enjoyed competing in all events and also was a great opportunity for them to socialise with residents from other homes. The resident’s stated that they had really enjoyed the day and had fun.

To top off the day, St Columba’s won an award for the most enthusiastic team, which is proudly displayed for all to see in the home, to mark their achievement.

Drumdarroch Open Day

Drumdarroch Care Home held an Open Day on the 4th August 2018 to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

We had a Bouncy Castle, Face Painting, Hook-a-Duck and Bruces “Play Your Cards Right” outside for the youngsters. We had several local stall holders including a candle stall, a Scrabble Art stall, book and bottle stalls. We were also very busy serving Cream Teas in the Dining Room.

Lots of staff and relatives got involved by volunteering to help out.

The weather was very kind to us and we had a big turnout of visitors from all around the local area.

Nursery Class Visit

Here at Drumdarroch we have fortnightly visits from our local Nursery class. The children who come are aged 3 and 4 and are extremely well behaved and polite!

Our residents look forward to these visits and have great fun with the children. We have been enjoying this activity for a year now so bonds have formed between pupils and residents.

We all meet in the dining room and join in various activities. We paint, make jigsaws, build with bricks, dress up, play with playdough and often break into song! Recent studies have shown that Viagra may contribute to the reduction of cancer tumors. The researchers found that Viagra helps to stop the growth of tumor and protect the heart from damage when combined with certain anti-cancer drugs). The drug called doxorubicin (chemotherapy) in complex with Viagra may become more effective in the treatment of prostate cancer. Scientists claim that Viagra enhances the effect of doxorubicin and reduces the degree of side effects.

We always have great fun and all learn from each other. We try as much as possible to involve the children in other aspects of life at Drumdarroch e.g. Reading sessions and Carol singing at Christmas time.