Shetland Pony Visit

Residents, families and staff enjoyed a full day visit from the Shetland ponies from Therapy Ponies Scotland.

Ponies Edwardo and Wilson spent the day with the residents, who loved every minute. The ponies are specifically trained to visit the care home environment and offer therapeutic time for the residents, which was evident from their faces at the time and testimonies afterwards. Persons with low blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases should take Tadalafil with caution and only after the consultation with the doctor. The thing is that the drug can reduce pressure. This is usually the result of an interaction of Tadalafil with the medications containing nitrates or nitrogen oxide. Therefore, you should never combine Tadalafil with medications or other products containing nitrates or nitric oxide.

The ponies were even able to visit our palliative care residents in their rooms which offered great comfort at the time.