Contact Details for Skype & Email

Dear Family & Friends,

As promised, to allow you to maintain contact with your relative or friend during this difficult time,
each of our homes have now be provided with additional tablet devices to enable skype video calls and
email communication.

Due to care and nursing staff not being available as readily during peak times we would ask that you
skype your family member during the following times:

Between 10:30 & 11:30am, Between 14:00 & 15:30 and Between 18:00 & 19:30. Emails sent direct to the tablet Gmail addresses will be passed over or read out to your relative as soon as possible upon receipt of the email. As these devices are shared by all clients please be aware that emails should not contain sensitive/personal information.

Please see the individual tablet contact details below for your relative / friends care home:

Drumdarroch Care Home
Dunnydeer Wing
Skype: Dunnydeer Priority

Drumrossie Wing
Skype: Drumrossie Priority


Harestane Care Home
Ground Floor
Skype: Harestanegf Priority

First Floor
Skype: Harestaneff Priority


Meigle Country House Care Home
Skype: Meiglecountryhouse Priority


St Columbas Care Home
Floor 1
Skype: Stcolumbasfloor1 Priority

Floor 2
Skype: Stcolumbasfloor2 Priority

Floor 3
Skype: Stcolumbasfloor3 Priority